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Can FCA help me find employment as a caregiver?

Can I get paid to care for a family member?

How can I find someone to help care for my family member at home?

Help! I need a break! How can I find respite care?

How can I help my family member if I don’t live nearby?

How can I take time off work to care for a family member?

How can I deal with my family member’s challenging behaviors without losing my patience?

Where can I get more information on assisted living facilities and nursing homes?

How can I make a complaint about a family member’s care?

My family members disagree about how to care for our relative. What help is available?

What is long-term care insurance and how can it help me?

How can I get my family member to accept help?

What should I do to help get my family member’s legal and financial affairs in order?

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